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Here are some of the more frequently asked questions we receive. Also, if you have a burning question that isn't listed below - feel free to contact us directly.

The Pacific Cup consists of five participating Pacific Nations. These are Cook Islands, Samoa, Niue Fiji & Tonga. We also have representation from Tangata Whenua Māori, from throughout Aotearoa. 

Each Pacific Nation participates in the Pacific Touch Cup with the full blessing & endorsement of their FIT sanctioned body, or where that’s untenable - after consultation with community leaders that have links to the sport.
For our Māori contingents, we have endorsement from Māori Touch NZ. 

In order to participate at the Pacific Cup Tournament, you must be selected for a team, as part of a full campaign coordinated by the nations listed above.

The Pacific Cup is not an open tournament, where groups can enter as teams, rather than be selected as part of participating nation contingents.

There is a clear understanding and expectation that all Nations hold trials/musters/training days - from which teams are selected. We will promote these, but the coordination is up to our Nations - who all do an amazing job, albeit as volunteers. 

The focus of the Pacific Touch Cup is to celebrate our respective Pasifika & indigenous culture. This is not the World Cup, & the eligibility criteria is not FIT level nor is it enforced as such. Our Nations operate in good faith & in the best interests of our young ones, our culture & the sport we all love.

Please head to the Nation pages via the Menu on this site for updates on your applicable island nation.

Question: Can you Please clarify the age criteria?
Answer: Click here to view the Tournament Handbook, which contains the age criteria guidelines. Each Participating Nation has reviewed and agreed to these guidelines. 

Question: Is this tournament affiliated to Touch New Zealand?
Answer: Yes - we are affiliated to Counties Manukau Touch Association, which also grants us endorsement with Touch New Zealand.

Question: That team is stacked, and half the players arent even from there! How is this managed?
Answer: We operate in good faith, with our participating nations who all agree to terms of engagement. If you have questions about eligibility of players in specific teams, per above - please take it up with the nation. 
Question: Are the kids grades competitive? 
Answer: No. Under 10 - Under 16s are all competition grades.